I have been playing guitar for 46 years.
I originally learnt piano whan I was very young - about 5 or 6 years old but my teacher died and I stopped learning.  My father was a very competent piano player and when I was about 11 years old he joined a trio to play in pubs.  They came round our house to do a bit of practice, and I saw the guy playing guitar, which I thought was very cool!
I professed an interest in learning the instrument and he recomended that I go to a spanish classical teacher in East Ham called Stevens le Grice.
I stayed there for a number of years and in about 1964 joined a small local pop band "Dave and the Diamonds".  
From that point I continued playing in a number of bands. (See the link on the bottom of the page)  I have given up playing in bands now but I play along to backing tradcks indoors - not as good as playing in a band but I enjoy it!